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When you’re responsible for HR, you have to handle everything. Timesheets. Time off. Payroll. Hiring. You’re the wrangler and ringmaster of all your company’s employees—plus all their data and details. No wonder you’re looking for HR software that simplifies it all.

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Wondering what it’d feel like to have all of your HR tasks streamlined and simplified? Curious how piles of paperwork could be replaced by easy and intuitive point-and-clicks?

Spend 30 minutes with one of our friendly BizRun pros, and you’ll be left with only one question:

“Why did I wait this long to get BizRun?”

Kandace Johnson

Harmon Electric

Moving to BizRun was like heaven for us. We had a lot of paper to handle and track, but BizRun streamlined the process and let us digitize everything. Now onboarding is much easier and takes no time at all.


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We know how hard you work on behalf of your staff. So we’d love to see you relax at the end of a long day in these luxe cruelty-free Ariana Bohling Alpaca slippers. To enter to win a pair, valued at $198, just sign up for a 30-minute BizRun demo from a friendly human being.   Yes Please

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