Kelly WertHi, I’m Kelly Wert, founder of BizRun. After running my own small software consulting business for years, I noticed something. I had helped so many large companies design and build back office productivity systems, things like HR systems, timesheets, and CRMs. I had seen first hand the transformative effect on efficiency, productivity and morale that great software can bring.

I began to want that same kind of productivity transformation for my own small business. The problem was, what was out there was outdated, confusing and overwhelming. So much of it was not at all designed with the small-to-medium-sized business in mind. I saw a need for first-class productivity tools, simple enough for any small business to use, and powerful enough to support any growing company.

For me, the centerpiece of the tool I wanted was a living org chart, a place where I can see my people real-time and how they fit into the various roles in my company. Something that happens in rapidly growing companies is business owners reach a tipping point: in the beginning, they had a personal connection to each employee, and every person had a strong sense of their part in the company’s mission. As the company keeps growing and growing, leadership can reach that “deer in the headlights” moment — when an employee walks past them down the hall, says hello, and they have no idea who that person is. How can you create a vibrant company culture if you don’t know the people who make up your team? I wanted to create a way to keep colleagues connected with each other, and I saw this living org chart as both a kind of dashboard, as well as a natural jumping off point for all of HR — for giving someone a promotion, a raise, putting in a vacation request.

When I first began sketching out my ideas for BizRun, people cautioned me. “HR software is a crowded space,” they warned. “With such big players out there, you’ll be lucky to get noticed,” was another one I heard. I didn’t doubt for a moment the obstacles. But I couldn’t let go of the thought that if I was having these challenges in my business, other small to medium sized businesses must be grappling with them too. And I believe the tool we’ve created in BizRun does a better job of addressing them than the other options out there.

And the thing is, we’re just getting started with BizRun. We have so many great features in the works, I get giddy thinking about them. It’s been a real joy building something from the ground up that takes a fresh look at how something as universal as HR can be done.

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